...and then there was the transistor
The Popular Electronics Covers

October 1954 thru January 1956

The Beginning of Popular Electronics
The 1st issue of Popular Electronics was published in October of 1954 by Ziff-Davis Publishing Company in New York.

The Editor was Oliver Read W1ETI

Volume One Issue One (the 1st issue)October 1954

Volume One Issue Two

November 1954

Volume Two Number One January 1955

Volume Two Number Two February 1955

Volume Two Number Three March 1955

Volume Two Number Four April 1955

Volume Two Number Five May 1955

Volume Two Number Six June 1955

Volume Three Number One July 1955

The Famous Uranium Prospecting Issue

Volume Three Number Two August 1955

Volume Three Number Three September 1955

Volume Three Number Five November 1955

Volume Three Number Six December 1955

Volume Four Number One January 1956

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Popular Electronics is the Copyright of Ziff-Davis Publishing Company